Located on Paradise Island this beach ranks number one for its wide stretch of powdery white sand and crystal clear waters spanning about 2 miles of coastline between the Atlantis resort and the One & Only Ocean Club.

The beach is so long that you can choose the atmosphere that you desire. If you prefer to be in the middle of the action near vendors supplying you anything you might need from beach chairs, water sport activities, to food and drinks, you can stay by the RIU and Atlantis hotels. However should you prefer a more quiet setting, you can take a stroll to the east (to your right when facing the sea) until you come to a more tranquil spot.

There are often rolling waves and this can be a lot of fun, but is not recommended for swimming or for young children. If you prefer calm seas, at the eastern end of the beach there is a small bay perfect for swimming.  You will also find there many coral fish next to the rocky shore and this is the best spot for snorkeling.

Cabbage Beach public entrance by the RIU

Public entrance to Cabbage Beach by the RIU

As the beaches in the Bahamas are public, you can walk all the way east of Paradise Island. You will be passing in front of million dollar mansions and the Ocean Club golf course. This will take you about 30 to 40 minutes (one way). However this walk is not risk free, as you will be passing along the golf course you may find yourself in the way of a flying golf balls. Do it at your own risk!










How to get there

From the cruise terminal, you can either take a taxi or the ferry. A taxi is $10 to $15 and he will drop you off by the main public entrance next to the RIU hotel. Alternatively if you are looking for a more quiet surrounding, you can ask the taxi driver to drop you off by the public entrance on the eastern end of the beach, next to the Paradise Island Beach Club.  This is a good option as there is a convenience store just before the beach with bathrooms for paying customers, and it is close to the bay with its more tranquil waters. You can also arrange for the taxi to wait for you or to return to pick you up. 

The ferry that leaves from the port is the most enjoyable way to get to Paradise Island, but it is a bit of a walk getting to the beach (15 to 20 minute walk). The cost is $4 per person each way. The best route to follow once you are dropped off is to go right past the Comfort Suites hotel and make the next turn left in direction of the RIU hotel.

Map of Cabbage Beach

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