Here you will find a powdery white sand beach and crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming. It is accesses by a road immediately west of the Sandals Resort. Nearby are trendy restaurants and a food store. 

Sandals Beach



This is a secluded beach located west of Cable Beach next to the Sandyport Beaches Resort. The beach itself is cut in two by the canal that leads into the Sandyport residential community. Public access is easier on the eastern side, just opposite the entrance to the resort. Next to the canal is a nice Gazebo where you can watch boats go by and take some memorable pictures. 

Sandyport Beach



On West Bay Street across the caves that were once inhabited by the Arawaks, this small beach has fine sand and is ideal for swimming in the crystal turquoise ocean. It is along Jitney route #10, before Compass Point where the bus turns around to get back to Nassau.

Caves Beach Nassau



This secluded beach is tucked away at the western end of the Lyford Cay gated community. It is part of the Clifton heritage land and sea park. The park combines nature trails, wetlands, and historical ruins. Casuarina trees along the beach provide ample shade and the water is shallow, making it a good choice for families and for snorkeling the nearby reef. Within the park there are other beaches such as Flipper Beach and Johnston Beach. Private transportation is the only way to get this beach.

Jaws Beach Clifton Heritage National Park Nassau Flipper



On the southern shore of the island at the end of the Coral Harbour community is a long and narrow beach with crystal clear water. The best access is through a small hotel named Coral Harbour Beach Villas & Sand Bar, where you can have a local beer at the bar or on a lounge chair by the beach. This quiet spot is perfect to relax and you will feel as if you were on an Out Island of The Bahamas. The beach is ideally suited for families with young children because of its shallow and calm waters.

Coral Harbour Beach Villas & Sand Bar Beach Nassau Bahamas



This off the beaten track beach is located on the south west side of New Providence Island, just a few ways down from the Coral Harbour Beach. It seems that time has stopped in this small community set up by free slaves in 1831. There is an Out Island feel to it, with the natural vegetation along the beach that stretches as far as you can see. It is generally quiet except on weekends when it’s popular with local residents.

Adelaide Beach Nassau Bahamas



Montague Beach lies east of downtown Nassau, between historic Fort Montague and the outdoor seafood market. This popular beach has a good view of Paradise Island and the boat traffic from the Nassau harbour.

Montague Beach