The fort built from cut limestone is located on Bennet's Hill, the highest point of New Providence overlooking Nassau, Paradise Island and the eastern approaches to the island.

Construction began in 1793, as a defense system of the city along with Fort Charlotte, during the governorship of Lord Dunmore (1787-96) and was named from Dunmore's second title, Viscount Fincastle. It is shaped like a paddle-wheel steamer and originally carried two 24-pounder, two 32-pounders, two 12-pounders cannons and a Howitzer.  

Open seven days a week from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (except on holidays), the entrance fee is $1.08 per person and you can climb to the top of the fort to explore the cannons and the three rooms that are dug beneath the lookout.

Outside the fort is a selection of stalls selling souvenirs and a small air-conditioned gift shop. Restrooms are located next to this shop. A hundred yards away along the access road is the Queen's Staircase, which was built to give easy access to the fort.

Fort Fincastle Nassau


Fort Fincastle view




Fort Fincastle Nassau

Fort Fincastle

How to get there:

The walk is approximately half a mile long from downtown and takes about 15 minutes. Go up East Street and turn left on Sands road in direction of Princess Margaret Hospital (there is no need to go up further as shown on the map below). You will see the white water tower on the top of the hill and this is where the fort is located. Just before the hospital on your right is the Queen’s Staircase which can be used to access the fort.