Straw-crafters started to set up their stalls in the mid-1930s and after the Second World War, when tourism exploded in The Bahamas and straw-work grew in popularity.


Straw Market Nassau

This is one of the few places where you can actually bargain for goods, so be prepared to haggle. The Straw Market carries a large variety of hats, hand bags, baskets and mats made from straw and other fabrics. There are also fine wood carvings from pine and mahogany, as well as trinkets and the usual selection of tourist T-shirts and ball caps. This is a perfect place to visit to find something small to bring back home, or if you need an accessory for your beach day.

Straw Market goods Nassau



Nassau Straw Market

Straw Market Bay Street entrance

The Straw Market is conveniently located in the heart of Nassau between Bay Street and Woodes Rogers Walk. Opening hours are daily from 9am to around 5pm, though each vendor sets his or her own hours.

Straw Market Nassau

The Straw Market was originally a market for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and sponges in the early 1900’s. Eventually the fish vendors moved out of town and only straw and other craft vendors remained.

A fire burned down the Straw Market in 1974 and 2001. The current building inaugurated in 2011 allows up to 500 vendors to operate their stalls.